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Welcome to Cat Van Sa International Company. Our company always wants to serve and give you - Customers a healthy life, high quality through the provision of our products: Functional foods, supplements, vitamins - Natural minerals imported completely from the US, Australia, New ZeaLand and Japan ...

With our aim to support treatment, improve your physical condition, improve your health and mental energy, along with the development of high quality imported products and a team of professional and dynamic staffs, we always aim to serve the health and beauty development of our customers first.


In addition, we are proud to be the partner of the world's leading medical equipment manufacturers for surgical products such as: Surgical tools for operating rooms, specialist in neurosurgery, cardiology, orthopedic, general surgery, etc. We specialize in providing a wide range of surgical instruments and operating room equipments for hospitals across the country. Please refer to the product and manufacturer information on the website and contact us if you have any questions.


With long-term and sustainable business orientation, we always try to build and develop our main goals

Offering customers health care and beauty products from the most reputable manufacturers, with high quality and safe products, produced with the most modern technology.

Providing medical equipments with new technology, outstanding quality, long-term warranty. We are proud to be a partner of the world's leading medical equipment manufacturers for surgical products such as surgical instruments for operating rooms, neurosurgery specialists, cardiologists, orthopedic injuries, Endoscopic…

Create a good and open working environment for all members of the company with growth opportunities and valuable experiences.


Along with compliance with the laws, social responsibilities and ethical standards of the Vietnamese people.

Our Vision

Becoming the leading healthcare company and one of the most reputable importers and exporters of health care products in Vietnam.

Our Core Values

Base on the basis of the good relationship between us and our customers, partners, stakeholders and within the company, we believe in: Professionalism - Scientific - Sharing - Trust - Quality - Enthusiasm - Transparency - Social responsibility.


Our Mission

Becoming one of the top five companies in Vietnam in terms of import and export sales of health care and beauty products, becoming a highly reputable pharmaceutical company in Vietnam in all aspects.

Product quality

Sales growth

Research and

Technology transfer

Supply chain of pharmaceuticals and distribution services.

Customer care

Investment returns

Human Development

within the business

Working environment

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