Cat Van Sa International Co., Ltd. has been officially distributing Cosman in Vietnam

Cosman Machine is a medical device product from Boston Scientific, a corporation specializing in providing medical equipment from the US, focusing on technology and minimally invasive solutions to make a meaningful difference for patients, doctors and hospitals. For more than 60 years, Boston Scientific Corporation is the only and oldest corporation specializing solely in RF equipment, medical equipment that is easy to use, reliable and fully featured, with the highest technology on the market world.


Cosman machine, officially distributed by Cat Van Sa company in Vietnam from Boston Scientific, USA, is a pain treatment machine with RF wave. What is RF? It is a technique that applies high-frequency currents to block the sensory nerve. The pain relief effect usually lasts up to 1 year, but can last longer (1-15 + years) depending on the patient's location.

One outstanding feature of the COSMAN method of blocking RFA's nerve roots is the high success rate. Through many studies and practice shows that, for patients correctly diagnosed and screened, RFA for pain relief from 6 months or more is 90% - an impressive number.

Cosman RFA Cat Van Sa

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